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Report Central Overview


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Data reporting capabilities are crucial to the success of your company.   Report Central, a web application developed by DCI, will provide report access integrated with the report scheduling capabilities of MCSUPER.   Manual reporting is reduced through the use of scheduling and intranet access.

Report Central integrates with the MCSUPER report scheduling application.   The MCSUPER report scheduling application allows you to set up a job that will access a saved report format and run the report on a scheduled frequency, saving the report and the creation date.  Report Central accesses the saved reports and lists them according to the creation dates allowing you to select a current or previous report to view or print.

Report Central is a real-time tool. The instant reports are added to the Report Central directories, they are available to all users of Report Central via the intranet.   You can use Report Central to provide access to any of your company's reports.

DCI provides Report Central as a standard tool in the development of each client's Data Warehouse.  This assures each client of a continuously accurate and successful Data Warehouse.  For more information on DCI's Data Warehousing services, click here.