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Data Warehouse validation and referential integrity is important to the success of your company.   Quality Central, a web-based application developed by DCI, will provide many types of validation including:

  • Source System to Data Warehouse validation
  • Referential integrity of parent/child tables
  • Validation of Data Warehouse to financial reports
  • Validation of MCSUPER Sources

Quality Central's powerful capabilities operate on a SQL Server or an Oracle based data warehouse.  Quality Central is designed with easy to use interfaces and links.  Setup is quick and easy, allowing for instant access of metadata for your data warehouse.  Additionally, manual documentation is reduced through the use of system tables to access the metadata.

DCI provides Quality Central as a standard tool in the development of each client's Data Warehouse.  This assures each client of a continuously accurate and successful Data Warehouse.  For more information on DCI's Data Warehousing services, click here.

The Validation to Source System provides a month-by-month row count and dollar amount comparison of the Data Warehouse to the Source System.  This comparison is updated each time the Data Warehouse is updated so that the most current validation is provided and action can be taken immediately if an error has occurred during an update process.

The Validation to Financials provides a comparison of monthly reported financial figures to the Data Warehouse monthly totals.  This comparison can be updated each time a financial report is available.

The Validation of MCSUPER Sources provides a comparison of the Data Warehouse to MCSUPER reports to validate the integrity between MCSUPER reporting and the Data Warehouse.

The Validation of Other provides a month by month row count comparison of the Data Warehouse to the Source System for tables that can not be validated with a dollar amount comparison.  This type of validation provides integrity when a table is updated to verify that all rows were downloaded from the Source System to the Data Warehouse.