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Provider management is an important part of your healthcare company's success.   Devlin Consulting, Inc. (DCI) developed Provider Pulse to provide you with easy access to your provider data to increase expertise in the following areas:

  • Decision-making regarding arrangements between the health plan and its providers, including how providers are selected and compensated.
  • Evaluating provider efficiency and cost to expose potential or existing problems in a provider network.
  • Discovering where to influence physician behavior and practice to encourage desirable practice styles.

Provider Pulse consolidates each providerís critical membership, claims payment, performance measurements and contact information into an easy to access web-based application.

Providers receive a ranking based on total payments and membership. Additionally, provider factors compare a provider's cost per visit and cost per patient experiences to peers in the same specialty.

Associates throughout the company can quickly search for a provider and measure that providerís membership, claims volume and performance.  Each provider ranking is based on the providerís region (county) and specialty.