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The "Managed Care Service Utilization & Payment Evaluation Reporter" (MCSUPER) is a product line of software designed to empower health care professionals with the tools to retrieve critical utilization and cost information.   DCI believes that accurate information, delivered in a timely manner and accessible company-wide, is a critical factor in the rapidly changing health care industry.

"How low can we bid?" and " What is driving our costs up?" are among the many questions that require instant answers to ensure ongoing profitability.   MCSUPER's reporting features and graphical interfaces ensure that custom reports can be instantly created and run, no programming required.   Analysts, executives, and medical directors can point and click their way to custom reports, graphs, and crosstabs that answer those critical questions.

Data Engine and Reporting Generators

DCI recognizes that your data is unique.   Your data elements and reporting requirements are driven by your strategic plan and niche in the health care market.   DCI also recognizes that your data changes as fast as health care itself.   New fields and field values are frequently needed to allow you to measure and implement new products and managed care interventions.

So how can MCSUPER work with your unique and changing data?   MCSUPER's data engine includes a series of sophisticated system tables that monitor your changing file structures and store important information about each of your fields.   The system tables include information needed to automatically translate field codes into meaningful text description, store report title and format preferences and monitor when fields are added or deleted from your files.

Because MCSUPER monitors your field structures through system tables, when new fields are added to your files the MCSUPER data engine can use them with a simple update to the system tables.   No programming changes are required.    This flexibility allows your reporting capabilities to change as fast as your reporting needs.

MCSUPER's report generators provide simple interfaces that enable decision makers throughout the company to create and run completely custom reports that include any combination of your available fields.   The data engine includes three report generators.   The Report Generator allows users to create custom reports, while the Graphics Generator creates custom graphs and the Crosstab Generator creates custom crosstab reports.

Line of Products

Packaged with the data engine is an Executive Information System (EIS) that provides friendly interfaces that organize and present critical management information in a simple-to-use format.   Decision makers throughout your organization will be able to retrieve critical utilization and cost information without relying on your information services division or other personnel.

A series of graphical applications can also be integrated with the MCSUPER data engine to provide a comprehensive health care reporting tool.