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Information and how to access that information is important to a company.   Data Central, a web-based application developed by DCI, will provide metadata access, definitions, and verification of each data update process.

Data Central's powerful capabilities operate on a SQL Server or an Oracle based data warehouse.  Data Central is designed with easy to use interfaces and links.  Setup is quick and easy, allowing for instant access of metadata for your data warehouse.  Additionally, manual documentation is reduced through the use of system tables to access the metadata.

DCI provides Data Central as a standard tool in the development of each client's Data Warehouse.  This assures each client of a continuously accurate and successful Data Warehouse.  For more information on DCI's Date Warehousing services, click here.

Data Central encompasses a Data Dictionary Center for accessing database, class and column information, an Update Processes Center for verifying update schedules and job history success and an Online Document Center where your company can provide links to internal documents, instructional/training documents, reports, forms, etc.

The Data Dictionary Center provides metadata information about available databases, classes and columns, including definitions as maintained by your company.   The interfaces available in this center are:

  • Database Listing
  • Database and Class Type
  • Column Definition
  • Views

The Update Processes Center of Data Central will aid the users and system administrator in verifying update schedules and job history success.   The interfaces available in this center are:

  • Table Update History
  • Update Schedule
  • Update Procedures

The Online Document Center of Data Central provides the user access to documents specific to their company.   Examples of interface links located here are a link to a security access form where a user can obtain a form to request access, a link to query tips and tricks to aid users in writing queries, or links to internal documentation required by users of Data Central.